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About Us

BAŞKENT UNIVERSITY Center For Education and Counseling Services (BEDAM)


The universities, which have founded “Continuing Education Centers” based on the understanding of life-long education, organize vocational courses and personal development trainings which people from all walks of life can benefit from. Our university started its activities in 2001 under the name of Center For Education and Counseling Services. Prof. Dr. M. Akif Ergin was appointed as the first director of this unit until 2003. Then, until May 2013, a period of about 10 years, the directorate of the center was conducted by Prof. Dr. Korkut Ersoy. With the change of the director and the board of directors at the beginning of May 2013, a new page was opened in the Center For Education and Counseling Services. With the discretion of our rector Prof. Dr. Kenan Araz, the Board of Directors was composed of Prof. Dr. Gökhun Tanyer, Prof. Dr. Simten Maltan, Prof. Dr. Füsun Eyidogan and Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Bayraktar Katal under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ali Halıcı. Different fields of science and higher efficiency were taken into account in the formation of the Board of Directors. In this context, faculty members employed in the fields of Engineering, Education, Health sciences, Social social and Fine Arts took office in the board of directors.

Since its establishment, the business volume of the center has been increased to approximately 100 times. It can be argued that there were many factors in this regard. However, it is thought that the most important factor has been the highly qualified faculty members and the administrative staff of Başkent University. As Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal, the Founder and Chairman of the Higher Executive Board of our university, always states, “The most important factor for us is the quality of the education and the trainings”.7

We were aware that there we had the highly qualified staff to provide this education, but we tried to find ways to mobilize this staff outside the education of associate, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

There is no doubt that the trainings provided here have contributed significantly to the promotion of Başkent University to the public. During the past one year, we have provided training to approximately 40 000 people in various fields across Turkey. Baskent University was present all over Turkey, regardless of the winter conditions or the hot weather conditions during the summer vacation.

It is our most important responsibility to continue theacceleration in this service.

It is possible to classify the trainings which are provided by the training centers as training for professional and personal development. On the other hand, vocational trainings are planned as trainings for professions/titles which require certification, and trainings for professions/titles which do not require certification. We have training programs which are available for both fields. We have achieved significant success throughout Turkey particularly in Vocational Transition Trainings a for Public Oversight Institution and the Mediation Trainings we have conducted in cooperation with the Union of Turkish Bar Associations. In addition to this, it is aimed to provide training to people from all walks of life by creating a variety of training programs for personal development trainings. Literally, people from age groups from 7 to 77 have participated in our trainings. While we have primary school students in trainings in Fine Arts, we have 77-year-old certified public accountants in the trainings for Public Oversight Education. Among the participants, there were former ministers, deputies of the Grand National Assembly, senior bureaucrats and executives of some important companies.

The positive feedbacks we have received from the aforementioned participants show that this process works well.

With our best regards.